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Time As An Indicator

See how a Gann count from the 1920’s is playing out in China right before our eyes…

Alan Oliver, a highly respected author and Gann Specialist, reveals how to use time as an indicator in the markets in this incredible video.

Alan allowed us to reproduce his exclusive video to provide you with an example of how you can use Market Analyst to uncover these market dynamics…

Alan Oliver provides weekly education updates with the purchase of his Trading DNA course.

More information on Alan’s course is available here


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Alan Oliver
Alan Oliver has been a private educator and trader, beginning his career in 1989. He has worked for two major Australian banks, Westpac and ANZ. Most recently he has written a book on his favourite subject of Fibonacci and the Golden Harmonic ratio, praised for its ease of explanation and suitability for all traders of any level. He has been invited by Australian and overseas traders to speak on the subject, just recently completing a book tour of Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok and China. Read More
Alan Oliver

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