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Entry Triggers for Successful Trading

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Although this article is focused on Entry Triggers for trade initiation, the successful trader knows that Entry Triggers are just one component of success. In order to have a comprehensive understanding of success in trading, any discussion on the Entry Trigger topic must also address the perspective and context of the underlying market condition.

Time As An Indicator

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Alan Oliver, a highly respected author and Gann Specialist, reveals how to use time as an Indicator in the markets in this incredible video. Alan has allowed us to reproduce his exclusive video to provide you with an example of how you can use Market Analyst to uncover these market dynamics…

De-Mystifying Geometric Charting Part One

Posted by in Technical Analysis |

Geometric charting is a highly effective way to analyze financial markets. It can provide unique perspectives to price action as well as desired targets in both price and time. Unfortunately this approach is shied away from by most mainstream technicians and traders. Instead they opt for the rather immediate information offered by the trusty world of oscillators and moving averages.

The Sandpiper and Trading – Part 1

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As a trader do you find yourself sometimes looking at a price chart and wondering why a stock reversed at a specific level? Or possibly more often you may want to know where it will stop falling so that you can buy it. If so, you are thinking about what the extreme is; “what is the farthest?”.

You are thinking about volatility.

Identifying The Beginning And End Of A Trend

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Over the last 20 years I’ve been very fortunate to talk to a lot of traders, some of them are just learning and others that have been trading for quite some time. A few have become proficient and profitable traders over a decade or more and some of these have gone on to write books, hold seminars, and even produce material for other traders to follow and learn from.

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